Channeled Messages

Dear Spirit…What Is A “Veil”??

Dear Spirit...What Is A "Veil"?? A STATE OF AWARENESS!! As you are able to embrace a new vibration, frequency of truth, and experience as your have lifted a "veil" of separation. The experience of separation, from that perspective, is no longer necessary for you to feel comfortable and at home in your Self!! ♥ ©… Continue reading Dear Spirit…What Is A “Veil”??

Affirmations and Invocations

Energize Your Experiences!!

Whether you are reading an intriguing book today, baking cookies for a loved one, leading a league of young ones to think outside the box, or bravely mountain hiking through the Andes.....................I encourage you to ENERGIZE YOUR EXPERIENCES!! ♥ Be Present Know that this moment is precious and is exactly where you wish to be Be… Continue reading Energize Your Experiences!!

Channeled Messages


To "expect" is to accept a future outcome as manifest. That's healthy when talking about our own journey, but not so healthy when talking about the journey and choices of another. If we "expect" another to honor any of our wishes for them, it only binds them to an irrational and impersonal outcome. Only we… Continue reading Expectations

Channeled Messages

The Precipice

We're standing at the precipice of all we've ever known. Can you feel the depth of these words reverberating truth in greater and greater ways?? These words can bring instant clarity to this particular moment in any personal situation, or to a birds eye view of your entire lifetime, or to a truly esoteric vision… Continue reading The Precipice

Mystical Musings

A Silent Creed and Manifesto!!

There's a silent underlying story that we've each adopted as our manifesto and creed. It so often remains hidden in the shadows of our heart, and is veiled into a perceived non-existence by the countless hopes, dreams, and intentions we set for ourselves daily. But it is still a part of our underlying belief system… Continue reading A Silent Creed and Manifesto!!

Mystical Musings

Myths, As A Tale of Human Nature

Each myth, tale and legend throughout time speaks of intricate and ever-expressive Man. Arjuna represents the faithfully seeking disciple within and Krishna represents the eternal and internal wisdom of  our own perfect and aware Higher Self. The Bhagavad Gita can be viewed as a blueprint for human evolution, if we expand our perceptions of all… Continue reading Myths, As A Tale of Human Nature

Spirit Teachings

Wake Up!!

Dear Spirit... Do you have any words of wisdom to offer and share??  There's a change taking place deep within your being. The formidable world, and its once-accepted structure, is breaking down at a core level. All that once had meaning and purpose for you, has lost that measure of importance. You're recognizing the disconnect,… Continue reading Wake Up!!

Spirit Teachings

The Power of Prayer

Layered with our own cognitive world of being, lies another true and relative reality. It appears the same, if looked at from a purely physical perspective. But it exists upon a non-physical realm of being. In this veiled, yet co-existing realm, only the power of our thoughts and prayers create impact. Let me say that again.… Continue reading The Power of Prayer

Spirit Teachings


Can it ever truly come from outside of ourSelves?? This morning acceptance fills me and it brings peace. I see now that acceptance of another, or by another, can only come from within. Acceptance of a precious gift or offered opportunity, can only come from within. Acceptance of a circumstance or of a greater truth,… Continue reading Acceptance!?!?

Spirit Teachings

It All Begins Within

Imagine a world where our dreams easily become a manifest reality!!    Can you see the BEAUTY that I now speak of??   In this world of dreams come true...each soul walks tall with a great sense of peace, pride and contentment.    They naturally feel safe, protected and blessed.    They are without the need… Continue reading It All Begins Within