Channeled Messages

Osiris Teaches Us To Heal OurSelves

From a deeply meditative state of being, I welcome all inspiration and clarity that would assist me to heal the physical discomfort and pain I feel at times.

I sense the great Master of Light, Osiris, with me.

In stillness, I receive.

Dear One, you’re still looking for the ’cause’ of your discomfort and pain because a cause will allow you to direct blame towards an outer source of control in your world. But until we can look at the word ’cause’ without judgment, it would be much easier to direct energy towards the ‘initiating point’ upon your journey.

At some point in conscious or unconscious Beingness, you innocently aligned with a limiting belief that initiated a trail of experience to this exact moment and time.

From a completely neutral point of view, we ask you to simply envision that ‘initiating point’ of Light and Truth as only energy. In this way, the need to logically comprehend what the energy represents falls away.

See that initiating point of false perception and separation now. See that moment in time and space where you began to believe that you were not enough.

See it.  See yourself.   And, send it Love.

Be the Wise One ~ the Master ~ the Creator ~ and the Healer that consciously recognizes an opportunity for LOVE to transform all that appears!!

See every point of Being upon the trail, from there to here.

Shower love upon it all, melting the belief that any moment was imperfect or lacking in any way.

See only Love. Allow that Love to flow from You, from Source, from All that is.

Sense your precious heart uniting with ALL universal source, to direct it with ease. 

You are not doing this alone. You never are. You never can be.

Awaken, Dear One. Nothing lies between YOU and All that is!!

You are the Light of God.

Do you hear us??

You are the Light of Divine Consciousness!!

You are the Light of ALL.

No separation can be. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2016


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