Channeled Messages

Custom Designed Realities

The door is open!!   

The time is here!!

Those who are ready to stand in light and truth are being offered opportunity after opportunity to stand in that light and truth!!

They will bravely do so, not because it is an easy path, but because it is the path they choose.

And, as trust in this joy-filled, blessing-filled world expands, so all opposition to this inherent truth fades away.

“Custom Designed Realities” are what we speak of today, allowing all unique realities to coincide simultaneously!!

Another’s experience does not set the parameters and boundaries for your own.

No interference or obstacle can be a part of your own fateful journey.

You are the Creator and you are the Creation!!

You are the Dreamer and you are the Dream!!

Only you can decide that which supports your journey.

A Divinely Channeled Inspiration

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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