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Healing Emotional Wounds with Lord Ganesha

Dear Bright and Beautiful Lord Ganesha,

Do you have a message of Love and Truth for me today??

Leave the baggage behind!!

You’re seeking to understand (from a higher plane) beliefs and emotions that were created in the lower planes.   Those perspectives hold no validity from the higher spaces of truth.   So to “wait” for or to “seek” will only keep you “waiting” and “seeking”.

If those beliefs and emotions no longer represent you…it is enough to say:

“I release all thoughts and emotions that no longer serve me!!”

When those words are spoken with intention and power…they shake the heavens and remove all that resists our evolutionary journey into Light.

Don’t see the struggle where there is none.

Don’t see lack, misdirection, or resistance where there is none.

Don’t look through the eyes that hold beliefs of limitation.

Take a deep breath…sense your center of power within.     Sense the raw and dynamic force of Love that lies there…and SEE that force of pure untainted Love flowing outtttttt without direction or bounds.

Simultaneously…that Love is calling out to all that would bless your journey and welcoming all that lovingly presents itself!!

If no sense of failure, lack, dependency, fear, or struggle is in your heart-felt prayer and intention for your journey…then none can be found in your experience!!

All that shakes your energy this week…is the voice of doubt that once lived within.    It holds influence over you right now because you are not completely sure that it holds no truth or power.    The “what if” still lives within you too.

Those are facts for this moment.     And these facts bring nothing more than awareness for what is.   So…with this gift of awareness…what will you CHOOSE to do with these beliefs that no longer represent you??

Is it still possible for you to not be safe and loved??

Is it still possible for you to be misguided or unappreciated??

If so…then that belief still serves your journey.    Don’t fear or judge that belief.   Honor it as having purpose.

But if you truly believe that the universe flows to you in ever-expanding and ever-flowing support and Love…so that will define your reality!!

You can not force the choice.   Only truth can create a genuine shift in your vibration and knowing.    So BE YOURSELF…and when the sadness and pain no longer serves you (in truth)…it will have no purpose on your journey…and dissipate.

For this moment…honor that you are more than you see.   Know that each brave choice to feel deeply and truly…is also a choice to honor where you’ve been and imagine where you wish to be!!    Just feel…and then release!!    

Don’t lament and digress.   That’s just a call for validation…and no validation can be from the higher planes!! 

You are fully loved, protected, and safe!! ♥

Channeled by Alania Starhawk

May 13th, 2014

2 thoughts on “Healing Emotional Wounds with Lord Ganesha”

    1. We are all ONE spirit…reaching towards Peace and Understanding!! It’s so nice knowing that i’m not alone on my journey either!! Happy Birthday Beautiful MaryAnn!! 🌺 May your every dream come true!!


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