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Give Passion A Voice

Our logical mind easily creates intricate circles of rational thought for us to follow each day. The path is always laid out, subconsciously telling us to stand “here”, think “this”, do “that”. And it all seems so convincing. Does it not??

Sometimes we completely forget that Life is an opportunity to EXPLORE the unknown reaches of divine ecstasy, in the most natural, neutral and unexpected of ways. 

It comes down to the age-old adage, that says “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.”

The actions of life distract us to believe that we are stuck in some patterned rut of inescapable monotony and challenge. But, that is all a grand ILLUSION of assumption and conformity.

We are so busy in the DOing of all that calls our attention, that we have forgotten:

Every breath leads us to a new gateway of infinite potential and possibility. Every moment is a fresh NEW moment. 

That includes this exact moment. Yes!! This one.

If you give yourSelf full permission to DREAM BIG and reach far beyond your own bounds of limitation, what will you allow yourSelf to experience?? 

What will you allow your SOUL to passionately explore and intimately know??

Almost a year ago, Spirit whispered to me, in the casual way that they do. They asked me to consider what my heart most wished to experience in that day.

I instantly named a few activities that bring me great joy. And in response to my bright-eyed proclamations, they laughed.

Laughter!?!? Why??

As the great teachers that they are, they showed me.

They had asked me to consider what my HEART most wished to experience in that day, and I instantly responded with a few “assumed” perceptions of what my heart would want. 

At some previous point in time, each of those activities had brought me great joy. So I attached an assumption to each one of those activities, which implied that they would always bring me joy.

It’s natural to do this. We have learned to be creatures of habit and conformity.

But in truth, each NEW moment is always independent of the last and the next. So any attachment to “assumption”, no matter how beautiful, is illusion.

The only way I can authentically discern what my HEART wishes to experience today, is to LISTEN to it, with an open mind, today. 

Of course, my heart may actually desire all that I had assumed to be beautiful and inviting (because it really can be that easy). But, it’s also possible, that I find mySelf resonating with some new and exotic experience, transforming some worthy, yet suppressed, desires into reality.

The lesson is to “GIVE PASSION A VOICE!!”

Passion, to me, represents a fierce drive, desire, or emotional approach to any action, activity, or experience. In truth, we could be passionate about doing our laundry and paying our bills, if we were filled with gratitude and appreciation while making it happen.

If we let go of assumption, our entire life can become filled with passion and desire, in the most beautiful of ways. Our experiences only become “mundane” when we’ve withdrawn our care, passion, and excitement from that activity.

Learning to LOVE the repetitive nuances of life, is a practice. But it’s a practice that connects us to PASSION in a powerful way. Becoming happy with the simplicities of Life will MOTIVATE US to invite more and more of that giddy happiness, passion, and ecstasy in.

Once we reMember that passion is a NATURAL STATE of BEing, it will be easy to incorporate it into every sacred and precious moment of our life.

Today is a blessing. It is filled with potential.

Will you LISTEN TO YOUR HEART to guide the way??

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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