My Cosmic Dance Partner

I’m here. I’ve arrived. To the Edge of all I’ve known.

Before me now, lies the uncharted, unexpected WONDER of formless expression and truth. Not “formless” in regards to being manifest, tangible, or real. But “formless” in regards to being boundless, indescribable, and beyond verifiable measure.

What lies before me now, exists beyond all previously accepted forms of construct and comprehension. So, I joyfully consider it all blissfully formless.

Only my imagination can be used to easily navigate through this realm of formless creation. Only my heart can be relied upon to tell me the truth.

How beautiful.

I’m ready. I’m ready to dance freely through, sensing each purposeful step as I spiral and grow!!

Be with me!! Be my eyes, when shadow falls. Be my ears, when senses fade. Be my voice, when all appears lost.

With YOU as my dance partner, I hold no fear.

I passionately move to the rhythm of LIFE itself, knowing that we are One. 

And as I step over the edge…..

I find my SELF.

© Alania Starhawk 2017


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