I Breathed Through The Wrath Today

I breathed through the wrath today.  Does that surprise you??

Some old emotions were triggered within me. And as I gave voice to those emotions, I imagined directing the seemingly deserved blame and fury against those who appear to perpetuate the original act of injustice.

In that moment, it felt as if I have the right to speak truth. It felt as if I would be bringing all into a place of power if I spoke that truth and I acted upon the wrath that flowed within.

I then redirected my energy and began to consciously breathe through that emotional space. I breathed through the envisioned thoughts of allowing that wrath to rise and of giving that disappointment and pain a voice outwardly.

Slowly, I realized that I don’t wish to be that soul. I don’t wish to be the one who connects to and feeds upon the pain, the illusion, and the struggle of an unjust world.

I have risen above that perception. I have risen above to authentically see that all paths are a valid and viable potentiality. Only I can choose the path that best serves me.

So I sit here now, clearly recognizing that there is a part of me that feels disrespected by certain situations in my past. I am also wise enough to see that that part of me does not speak for my entire encompassing energy.

So I love that part of me into a peaceful state of being. I remind her that blame, shame, wrath, and all other victim-based mentalities will only attract more victim-based energies into my life.

I love myself for being able to be honest and true.

I love myself even more for being able to see through the illusion and the shadow that is most genuinely a part of me.

Make a choice for yourselves today, my friends.

Make a choice that aligns with the energies you wish to dance with. Be wise enough to welcome only that which you wish to embrace.

Every choice is a privilege that only YOU have the honor of electing.

© Alania Starhawk 2016


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