A Guilt-free Reality

“Trust yourself.”

“Remember who you are.”

“Honor your own sacred voice.”

As we step into greater self-empowerment and sovereignty, we are encouraged to follow these words of loving advice. These thoughts of encouragement are designed to redirect our source of power and focus to a point within our precious self, so that we may begin to trust ourselves as perfect, resourceful, and wise.

This takes great strength and focus for those of us who have been indoctrinated to place another’s random opinion, comfort and benefit before our own.

I stood in this inspired strength over these last few days as I sought to discern my own truth in the midst of dramatic self-serving pleas from another soul. I silenced the outer chatter.  I connected to my pristine instincts and knowing.

And then, I proceeded to resist the truth I found within my heart because I was concerned with how my truth would affect the other.

I clearly knew what was right for me, but I was feeling guilty for not having a truth that aligned with the other soul’s request.

Have you been here before??

Can you identify with feeling that you need to validate and prove your point of view for it to hold power and purpose??

My emotions ran a little high until I realized that I am not willing to compromise my integrity and truth for the comfort of another!!

My choice became easy from that point forward and only peace filled my heart.

After I came through the seemingly tumultuous experience, spirit whispered these amazing words to me:

“Guilt” can only be known when we confuse our own precious path with the path of another.

That explains it!! I have such a clear vision of my beautiful path and all that serves me. I only became confused and guilt-ridden when I began to see that soul’s path as having the ability to redefine how I see my own.

We are only responsible for our own chosen paths!!

Each soul is the creator of all they know.

Choose wisely!!  For the drama we welcome in will easily become our own. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2016


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