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Today, I Create Myself Anew

Each blink-of-an-eye moment is independent of the last.

We only believe that life continues forward, as a pattern of what has been, because we are choosing to re-create that pattern over and over and over.

Each day brings a clean slate, with a whole new array of opportunities and choices. But our minds are often aligned with believing that Life is a struggle, all must be earned with great effort, and we carry the weight of what has been.

This aligns us with the belief that we are bound to fate, karma, and ever-changing circumstances.

Let’s change this belief now!!

You are always the Creator and can be no less.

In every infinitesimal millionth-of-a-second, your wise and capable spirit is CREATING YOUR EXPERIENCE in current time!!    

We are held to no limitations except that which we can dream of.

So please do not focus your attention upon the struggle, the disappointment, the pain, and confusion of the past. It holds no place in your current journey unless you are the one who invites that struggle, disappointment and illusion to join you in each new moment of expansion.

This is a new concept for many of us. We’ve been clinging to old wounds and un-serving belief systems for as long as we can remember. But, the future won’t be much different from today unless we begin to bravely believe that we are sovereign beings.

We are FREE in all moments.

We are newBorn in all moments.

It all begins here.

Take a chance. See yourSelf as perfect, blessed, and whole. Then watch the shifts take place in your outer world.

You are always the Creator of all you intimately know.

Dear Spirit….

Fill my heart with reMembrance. Remind me that today is ‘my day’. It’s an opportunity to breathe Life into all I am a part of. It’s an opportunity to effortlessly create and re-create a world of blessings and beauty for mySelf in every way.

I honor the past and all I’ve known. I see it as perfect, as precious, and as purposeful for bringing me here.  But in this exact moment, I begin again.  I free mySelf from all that has been, so that I may explore the potential that today brings!!

Today, through the eyes of Love, I create mySelf anew. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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