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Embracing the Shadows of a Wounded Heart

I had honestly believed that the shadows of my wounded heart were behind me. I had believed that I triumphed through each momentary challenge that appeared and transmuted all to the light of love – in the best ways I knew how.

But its quite possible that I only healed that which I was able to heal at that particular moment in time.

In truth, I’m not in a bad place, by any means. I am in awe of the miracles that fill my life. I am excited about the blessings that flow and the beauty that continuously unfolds for me.

But, I suddenly realize, that this beautiful view of my world is a bit limited.

It’s all true. I am thankful beyond measure and appreciative of every blessing – but I am also a bit broken-hearted (even though I sincerely dislike use of this word) about some great disappointments in life.

I don’t think I’ve allowed myself to truly “be” disappointed about some aspects of my life – because really – how do we compassionately process that disappointment when it is all-encompassing??

At these deeper levels – the ones I have been denying – I feel sorrow for not being everything I wish I had been and for everything I wish another (more than just one other) had been.

These sorrows reflect the real and authentic shadows of my wounded heart.

I don’t wish to deny them any longer because I believe that denial is what has been causing great friction and hesitation in my body and in my life.

So how do I heal the wounds that are so uncomfortable to acknowledge and accept??

I sense Divine Spirit wishing to share some words of wisdom with us now……

Gentle Souls, your ability to FEEL every sensation is what makes you so extraordinarily beautiful. You hold yourself back from feeling your own guilt, shame, and insecurity because you believe that it makes you less than perfect and less than worthy – but that is not true. Your authentic acceptance of Self is what makes you stronger, wiser, and more able to welcome in the blessings that flow abundantly.

Each time you deny a part of your Self – you pause the flow of Life and all that is compassionately supporting you through that moment of authentic being. We encourage you to embrace the shadows that sometimes move through, so that no perceptions of imperfection (or “wounds”) can become part of your experience.

The truth is that you are in a state of wholeness right now!! There is nothing holding you back from experiencing all that you wish to know, in your body or in your life. But you must be the one to BELIEVE in this level of perfect beingness.

Only then can you fully trust in the wonder that accompanies you in every new moment that unfolds.

Remind yourself, continuously, that there is nothing to forgive and nothing to fix. Remain focused upon the POSSIBILITY that accompanies you now – and the resistance you know will fall away.

Your true nature is to shine!! Ultimately, you’re looking for permission to do so, but permission is not needed.

When you are ready to celebrate life fully, the shadows that you sometimes know will each be greeted with honor and grace, and the perceptions of a wounded heart will be no more.

Love your Self as you are!!

It’s the answer to all you seek – always.

How beautiful!! Even the wounds are but a perception.

By embracing the parts of me that don’t always feel loved and accepted, I will find the peace, joy, and love that I most genuinely seek, within and throughout.

This is the inspiration I needed today. Thank you, Spirit!!

I am in gratitude and awe, once again.

2 thoughts on “Embracing the Shadows of a Wounded Heart”

  1. Blessings and love to you this morning, Alania.
    Having just last night wrestled with great disappointment (in an event of my own human performance as well as in being rejected by some key figures in my university) I get where you are coming from.

    I rocked with you until this sentiment: “so that no perceptions of imperfection (or “wounds”) can become part of your experience.” But wasn’t it in and thru your wrestling with ‘perceptions of imperfection’ that you rose to a greater perspective which you then shared with us?

    These moments of perceiving our human imperfections do not effect our true nature (soul) and the experience of them is what actuates our growth on earth. Growth is why we are here so these experiences are essential and required; moments of grief, guilt, and doubt are meant to be experienced and then moved thru for the imprinting of each moment’s wisdom onto our souls.

    It is the fear of not wanting to experience that again that causes the problem. Rather we should say to the universe, “If I am not as strong or as clear as I need to be, Bring it on; let’s get this done.”

    1. Thank you for loving so deep into the experience!! You see clearly!! Feeling everything is a huge part of growth and expansion – as I brought you through the experience with me. What Spirit was conveying is the CONCEPT of imperfection can no longer be part of our journey. So we can be in grief – and see grief as beautiful, expressive, and divine. We don’t avoid any experience in life!! We just don’t see anything as something that might cause a wound – because all is just expression. Each soul playing their own parts as best they can. When we allow challenging experiences to move through – they move through quickly with divine support. Our discomfort comes from believing it should be another way. We are in wholeness right now – even if we choose to know anger, pain, or disappointment. 🙏 But hopefully we remember that LOVE is just as available to us – right now.

      Does this bring clarity?? I so appreciate your presence and support. Wishing you every blessing.

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