Expanding Consciousness

Compassion for All Sexual Injustice

It's possible for a noble intent to become distorted in the emotions that carry us through. Hear me with an open heart. For it is not my human self that brings this message to us now. Divine Spirit has spoken to me so vividly. Their message: It's time for Healing and it's time for Love!!… Continue reading Compassion for All Sexual Injustice

Mystical Musings

Be The Change ~ Give LOVE

Stop Here and Now Stop ...and BE Present!! ♥ We Each Have The Ability...Here and Now...To Make The Difference!! We Each Have The Ability...Here and Now...To Be The Change!! ♥ Soooooooo...Feel The LIGHT Flowing Strong Within and... GIVE LOVE Here and Now   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpVUih5nY9g