Mystical Musings

Divine Love

Divine Love is the heartbeat and essence of Life itself. It includes All in absolute acceptance and grace, and transforms All by its touch and embrace. It’s a state of authentic BEing, where we learn to accept ourSelves as whole and complete.  

In its Light, we begin to recognize that we already are fully at HOME within our Self.

“It’s the heartbeat and essence of Life itself!!”

This single statement justly implies that the sacred and divine Love, we all wish to know, flows to us continuously as does the breath of Life itself. Never can we be without its transformational touch!!

Only our resistance to believe that we are worthy of such grace can create a reality of anything less than all-encompassing Love.

All shadowed and limited thoughts we currently recognize as valid and true have all been accepted from past experiences where we once “felt” less than safe and loved.

These learned interpretations are being re-programmed daily, or at least re-evaluated daily. And in each fresh moment we are offered an opportunity to accept or release this previously programmed interpretation as valid and true.

The moment it is no longer representative of our current truth and vibration, it transmutes because it hold no purpose in our current journey. It has become obsolete!!

As our consciousness expands to accept greater vibrations and frequencies of Love into our being, so our physical experiences begin to transform in reflection of all we hold to be true within. The veils of separation begin to fade away and uncensored illumination begins to light the path ahead.

© Alania Starhawk 2016


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