Subtle Aspects of Being

We are.  The stars are.  All trees most certainly are.

Every soaring eagle, flowing river, blossoming rose, and awe-inspiring rainbow can be validated, honored, and understood from a purely physical point of view. But are we truly understanding their greatest truth and beauty if we only honor that which appears??

Without the force of Life that flows through each physical form, they “are” no more. 

All that we regard as physical, tangible, and present in our lives, is the unique and artful creation of Divine Light and Universal Source. It has all been breathed into being, at onepoint or another.

At times, you are the one breathing Life into being through the united consciousness that connects all things. And sometimes, the united consciousness is breathing Life into being through you!! It’s all connected. We are all connected. We cannot be separate from the infinite flow. You (and I) can not be separate from the Divine Light and Universal Source that breathes all into BEing.

Each moment is filled with infinite potential!! Each moment is being breathed into existence through our thoughts, actions, prayers, and efforts.

Are you still with me?? Can you easily comprehend this powerful truth??

All moments are just fleeting opportunities to breathe Life into them, as we desire and choose. And no person, place, or thing can ever “be”, without the spirit of Life to empower them.

Although we are so thoroughly distracted by all of the structured matter upon this earth journey, the matter is powerless and lifeless in actuality. It is only an expression of Universal Source in manifest form.

The same could be said for all of the actions and experiences we participate in each day.

The motion of a smile or a laugh can be just as empty and lifeless without the presence of a warm heart to breathe Life into it. If we are navigating our way through Life without passion and heart-connection, every choice we make can easily become mechanical and cold.

I don’t think we make these mechanical decisions purposely. I believe that we’ve forgotten how power-filled our thoughts, actions, and choices are. We are creatures of habit and routine, and often neglect to see the creative potential in each independent moment.

So, I sit here this morning thinking “should I or shouldn’t I” in regards to my plans for the day.  And I suddenly realize that those words can only allow me to create my experience from a rational, logical and patterned point of view.

In pondering the ‘shoulds’ from a rational perspective, I am subtly breathing Life into the wrong or negative outcome as well as the productive and beneficial one. If I am placing a ‘should’ in place, I am believing that there is a better way to be and a not-so-better way to be.

This belief gives undeserving power to the ‘action’ I choose, instead of the passion, intention, and spirit I place into that action.

The action is always empty, without the element of Life and Spirit that flows through it. And the outcome of that action can not possibly be discerned until Life has had the opportunity to flow through it naturally.

The experience is creating itself as it is in motion!!  Always.

The act of meditating can be transcendental or uneventful. It can be exhausting or exhilarating. According to the Life breathed into the physical activity on any particular day, the act itself can create any number of variable outcomes.

Forgiveness can be empty or compassionate. Teaching can be lifeless or life-giving.  Even the act of loving another can be controlled and mechanical or passion-filled.

No act or motion can ever be regarded as the ‘cause’ for an outcome!! All physical actions and reactions are only opportunities to CREATE an experience that best serves you and your journey. 

It is the directed force, subtle intention, and heart-centered focus behind each action that births the manifest experience we know.

From the highest point of truth, “BEing” means that we are Life in motion, expressing ourSelves freely. “BEing” is an artful act of breathing Life into each potential-filled moment.

Whether we look at the macrocosm of our universal consciousness or the microcosm of our individual reality, we are the Creators of all we see.

The subtle, yet infinite, energies of Life and Light are what empowers all. That which appears is only a distraction from the greatest truth.

You are Creation in manifest form!!

© Alania Starhawk 2016


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