You are the One to bring change, to light the world, to brave new paths, and to ignite all creativity into sacred beingness. You are the One to sense deep truth and inspire joy — within and throughout.

You are the One to BE THE ONE as only You can BE.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are the center of all creative life-force, and all existence begins and ends with you.

Consider that your awareness and acceptance of this ultimate truth has no effect upon its fundamental nature. It’s entirely possible for you to be the most empowered force of creation at one level of authentic being, while believing that you are insignificant and disempowered upon another.  

Each unique perception of reality is defined by all that we believe to be possible in that particular realm of awareness. As our understanding of what is possible expands, so does our understanding of what might authentically exist, already.

All potential reality, upon every level of consciousness, co-exists simultaneously.

We are only confounded by contrasting possibilities when we believe that one perception of reality negates another.

Imagine that we have a bird’s eye view of a well-illustrated building blueprint. All details seem to be clearly marked and noted appropriately upon the sketch before us. It allows us to feel as if we have a confident understanding of the building at hand.

But as we look more closely around the edges of the blueprint, we realize that this page of the blueprint is limited to only the main area of the building. Because our awareness was solely focused on the illustration before us, we did not immediately recognize that expansions to this primary blueprint already exist.

It would be ignorant to assume that we understand the entire building, intimately, when we’ve only been witness to the first page of its design.

At first, only the Architect of the plans can have a full understanding of every layer that co-exists. However, our own awareness of the building will continuously expand with every new detail and page that arises.

Imagine our own life in this way.

The blueprint for our entire life experience exists, in minute detail, at various levels of awareness – like the pages of a blueprint.

As the supreme architect in our life, our Divine Self has full awareness of every intricate layer of detail and design that authentically is. But we, as the ones who have forgotten our divine nature, may only have a limited awareness of our own greater truth.  

Ultimately, our full divine blueprint already exists. It includes every detailed point of varying awareness for our soul’s journey. It honors that which we understand ourselves to be and that which we have yet to imagine.  

It miraculously tells the story of all we are, seen and unseen, and merges all infinite aspects of our individuality into one all-encompassing matrix of immutable truth.

Most importantly, it’s always available to us. Only a shift of awareness brings illumination and remembrance to all that had previously remained cloaked in forgetfulness.

In fact, we are collectively shifting our consciousness so rapidly because our current journeys of self-discovery are calling the divine blueprint back into our focused awareness. In response to our curiosity about what lies beyond our current understanding, our Divine Self is orchestrating miraculous experience and synchronicities for each of us to explore.

We no longer have to adopt our beliefs and understandings from the experience of another. In trusting that we each have direct connection to our own divine blueprint (remembrance of who we truly are), we can access the particular truth and understanding that best supports our unique journey.

As an example, I am on my own journey of spiritual awakening. Upon this journey, I have been inspired by countless people, places, and things – but my personal “awakening” is a result of how I respond to each divinely orchestrated inspiration.

Even this book has been birthed from my extraordinary experiences with Spirit and Source. All that I share comes from my direct intuitive connection and resonates as truth for me. But for you, as witness to my story, it only serves as inspiration in your personal journey.  It can only affect your journey when you react to it and participate with it in some way.

The moment that you respond to that which exists outwardly, is the moment in which you become the empowered architect in your own tale. Prior to that exact moment of interaction, you are merely the witness to all inspiration that flows.

All life works in this way.

It all exists in potential only, until we begin to shape it uniquely for our individual experience and journey.

This is why we can be considered the center of all creative life-force in our unique reality.

“No outside force defines our reality.”

We’ve believed, for far too long, that our experiences are shaped by our circumstances and our environment. But, from the highest of divine understanding, that can never be.

Even when we believe ourselves to be disempowered and without control, we have surrendered to that perception of truth. We have participated in that potential reality, for some purposeful reason.

Ultimately, to “be disempowered” is still a choice within the full spectrum of choices that can be. It is still an empowered act at some level of consciousness. And this is where we must stretch our current understanding of Self.

It is entirely possible to be the witness of all that is unfolding at one level of consciousness, unaware of our greater potential, while also being the designer and architect of that experience at another. Each time that we believe ourselves to be limited, in any way, we are focused upon that limited perception of “truth” as our only truth. In order to recognize our expanded aspects of Self, we must stretch our understanding of what is and can be.

Just like the witness to the building blueprint, we must acknowledge that there are other layers of design that exist beyond our current awareness. All perception of disempowerment is only a limited viewpoint of the greater all-encompassing truth.

It must be, because upon alternate dimensions of understanding, we are the center of all creative life-force, always.

As we learn to reclaim our personal power in our everyday lives, we begin to move the seat of power and awareness into our earthly consciousness. We begin to lift the veils of separation so that we intimately resonate with our divine nature and the infinite potential that already exists.

Essentially, we are blending the parts of us that “know” with the parts of us that have “forgotten”. But regardless of where our focus rests, in any particular moment, we must acknowledge that it is all part of who we eternally are.

This is actually where my earthly persona feels triggered, and even a bit betrayed. Why was I never told that I am more than I imagine myself to be?? Why was I never inspired to rise above my own limited thoughts and patterns?? Why was I even encouraged to remain lost, confused, and alone through far too much of my experience??

If I have always been all that I eternally am – why could the wisest part of me not “save me” from all the sorrow I had known??

Even now, one part of me rises into acceptance of all higher awareness – while another part of me mourns all the lost moments that have been.

I still feel “abandoned” at deep levels of authentic being.

Can you resonate??

Do you sometimes feel disappointed in the world that surrounds you?? Do you feel a bit wounded by the empty promises and challenged relationships that you may have been a part of?? Do you feel unseen, unappreciated, and unloved??

If you do, this is exactly why we need to trust that only we can be the center of our own creative life-force. All creation, of shift and change, has to initiate itself within.

We often place too much pressure and expectation upon the circumstances and relationships in our life. We instinctively know that we are looking for more than we are currently aware of – and then we believe that some other source has the ability to heal that sense of “lack” within.

But every time we expect to receive some form of acceptance, support, healing, peace, and security from an outside source, we are handing our power over to that potential source. We are trusting that they have something greater to offer, than we hold within. In doing so, we deny our own empowered path and surrender to the conditions of that external relationship.

We forget that we, ourselves, are an ever-resourceful font of infinite potential and possibility. We are the center of our own creative life-force and hold the ability to effortlessly attract all that might benefit and bless our own journey.

We are our own sacred source, always.

All of my disappointment in life has come from believing that I was not supported and cared for. But in each of those experiences, I was silently asking others to take responsibility for my own confident self-acceptance and security. I was believing that “they” could satisfy whatever sense of lack and loss had existed within.

This is exactly why I was thrown into such a deep state of perceived loss in 2002. If I had remained focused upon all that was a beautiful blessing in my own personal world, I would have moved through that pivotal moment with effortless grace; but because I was so focused upon all that was happening around me (outside of my direct control), I couldn’t clearly see my empowered way through.

In the trauma of all that unfolded, nothing had shifted within my Self. I was still the most brilliant, caring, wise, and masterful Self that I had always been. But, because my entire understanding of Self was deeply entwined into the presence or non-presence of particular relationships, expectations, and circumstances – I was emotionally shattered when they all fell away.  

Everything had appeared overwhelming to me because all that I had valued as a vital aspect of my personal identity was dependent upon that which existed outwardly. I held expectations for what would be, and when those expectations were shattered, I had no other foundation to stand on.

When our personal security, emotionally and physically, is built upon expectations of identity and belonging, our peace and happiness is linked to the fulfillment of those expectations and assumptions.

In this regard, an “expectation” can be regarded as any means of measurement that we accept as viable and true. If we value and see our current roles, accomplishments, and identities as a measurement of our success, acceptance, or self-worth, then we are placing expectations upon ourselves to excel in these roles, accomplishments, and identities. But, as a fact, if our personal identity is reliant upon the presence and force of any outward energy, then our purpose, value, and identity can be shattered, manipulated, or altered in any random and unexpected moment. 

Let me repeat that statement more distinctly.

If we see our personal value in contrast to the presence of, or the approval of, an outside force, then our personal value can be impacted by that outside force’s choices, experiences, or paths. If we feel validated through the job we have, then we can potentially lose our sense of personal value if that job naturally evolves or transforms and is no longer there to support us.

Yet, if we recognize that the job is a form of beautiful support upon our greater journey of ever-present support and love, then we can still retain our strong sense of Self throughout any transition. When one form of support comes to a completion, we’ll naturally redirect our focus to align with the next divine expression of support.

The same can be said of a significant relationship. We can fully enjoy, honor, and celebrate the gift of a meaningful relationship without believing that the relationship is our foundation for a strong sense of Self. The relationship can inspire us, motivate us, support us, and honor us, but it does not hold the power to define us or to place value upon our true and precious Self.

We are the only ones with the power and privilege to choose which energies, vibrations, and identities we wish to align with or embrace. We must become our own sacred source, regardless of circumstance. We must trust in our own eternal wisdom, insight, and ability to guide our way.

However, to be very clear, all forms of life can serve as powerful channels of abundant support and divine presence in our lives. They can all gift us generously, without being the “source” of our safety, security, and abundance.

All that is changing, with this shift of awareness, is how we attach to any assumed outcome or expectation. We’re learning to open ourselves to the infinite abundance of universal source, within and throughout.

“I am my own sacred source.”

As the center of our own creative life-force, we are trusting that our every thought, prayer, and effort is placing energy in motion. This energy, at unseen levels, is calling out to all expressions of life that would comfortably support our experience. And it is this energetic call that attracts all opportunities and blessings into our life, with certainty.

We need not attach to any particular person, place, or circumstance to envision our abundance and prosperity – of spirit and physicality – manifesting effortlessly. If it is not comfortable for one channel of potential support to assist us in any moment, another will appear.