“Soul Awakenings” Initial Questionnaire


Congratulations!! You’ve chosen to embark upon an epic discovery of Self. You’re ready to begin seeing yourSelf as infinite within your potential, and perfect within your most authentic BEing.

I will be supporting you uniquely — by being witness to where you are and where your unique soul wants to be. I’ll assist you in navigating from “here” to “there” in a productive and inspired way. 

This means that you and I will cultivate a relationship of complete trust and truth. I am here to honor YOU without judgment, expectation, or pressure. So I will be using questions to sometimes assist you in going deeper within your Self.

It may appear that the questions are for me, but they are really for you. Answer them in natural ways, without stressing about any answer. A perfect answer doesn’t exist. The questions only serve to bring reflection to the Truth that already is. 

Spirit has guided these particular questions to open our awareness upon this journey together. Center your Self before responding and know that this is an exciting time!!!

This is where it begins.

Feel free to add any additional information that you’d like to include. I’m here to support you!! All of your information is appreciated, respected, and honored. It is PRIVATE always.

Answer the following as you are guided:

#1  Where are you upon your spiritual journey?? Use words discerningly to communicate YOUR perception of “where you are at”. I’d like to understand all from your perception of truth.

#2  What is one of your most amazing spiritual discoveries or experiences in your life?? How long ago was this?? How did that experience change your life??

#3 Please describe a recent moment that made you feel connected and empowered.

#4  It’s natural to go through cycles of feeling connected and empowered, or not. Over the last 3 months, how would you describe that cycle?? Were you feeling more connected, or more distracted, confused, and overwhelmed?? 

#5  Are you comfortable to see your Self “in power”?? Does the word power cause any reaction within your body or mind?? It’s important to be honest about this because this part of your belief system is at the core of all other beliefs.

#6  What 3 things/opportunities/experiences would you like to instantly welcome into your life??

#7  What can I support you with?? I am here to assist you with any emotional, motivational, intuitive, manifesting, or empowering focus that can be. Think about how I might best support you!! If you’re unsure, we’ll work on this together. 

#8  Are you ready to accept responsibility for your own experience?? You are the director. You decide how gentle or expansive you’d like your journey to be.


I appreciate all that you’ve shared.

Please know that I am not the only one supporting you. You now walk with all universal source, waiting to joyfully support you in every way.

 You are so loved!!! ♥