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Seeds of Knowledge and Truth

Each of us, in our own way, has been tasked with spreading the seeds of knowledge and truth in this life.

Some of us will do so by bringing Light and illumination to the shadowed spaces upon this earth. We often do this through a compassionate touch and a kind or inspirational word. We see hope in the hopeless, and beauty in that which was previously “unseen”. We are the bringers of Light, and we transform all to higher states of peace, grace, and understanding.

We believe in the happy-ever-after, regardless of that which appears. Some may call us warriors, saviors, or angels. But really, we’re children of Light. We trust that truth, love, and righteousness will guide the way. We place the benefit of mankind and humanity in high regard. We stand strong in adversity and we plant goodness where we may.

And some of us will spread the seeds of knowledge and truth by being examples upon our own paths. We will step bravely into the unknown territories, bringing greater connection and acceptance to new ideas, beliefs, and paradigms. We open the doors to fresh insight and untapped potential. We look past the fear and doubt, to delve deep into the plane of free-expression and untethered exploration.

Beyond judgment, all experience becomes knowledge of some particular value and purpose. We are the dreamers who feel our way through each step upon the path. Our passion is our guide. We look inward for direction and truth.

And some of us will continue to spread the seeds of knowledge and truth by perpetuating the learned, adopted, and indoctrinated practices of times gone by. We are the ones who honor tradition, stability, structure, and security. We find comfort in the written word and that which is handed down from teacher to student. All life becomes an apprenticeship, imparting truths that have been time-tested and certain.

We carry forward all past knowledge into new experiences and paradigms. By keeping the past alive and connected to our current day, we hold power over our future generations and unmanifest tomorrows.

Be aware, my brothers and sisters. Do all of the patterns, practices, and beliefs we continue to carry forward and disseminate deserve an honored place upon our empowered path of BEing??

Some past forms of knowledge and truth have become obsolete. They served a different time and can now be honored as a memory only. Some knowledge evolves and transforms into higher frequency. It’s perfectly acceptable to leave some limited and outdated perceptions of truth where we found them.

We, as perpetuators of indoctrinated truth and understanding, still get to choose our way through. With discernment and integrity, knowledge becomes wisdom. And wisdom brings the power back home, to the space within.

As souls of free-will, we move back and forth through each of these paths. At times we are the guardians of a greater truth, and at times we are the carefree spirits who bring nurturing life to each virgin step. At times we embrace knowledge from a manifest form, and at times it is from our intuitive nature. No way is more celebrated than another. Seen and unseen, we all serve a greater cause. All ways are vital to the whole that is. Let your heart guide you to plant seeds that make a difference, in your own way.

You are all you imagine yourSelf to be, and so much more.

~ Divine Spirit

© Alania Starhawk 2016

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