Channeled Messages

Earth Guardians Speak

Can you see the amazing Earth Guardian presenting himself to us, in the picture??


He carries the message of “balance and integration”. We can’t deny any aspects of our nature, if we wish to find peace and harmony upon this earth walk. We must learn to honor all of our varying voices, authentic emotions, and hidden truths. We must come into full acceptance for all we are, so that we learn to stand in power once again. 

I was drawn to stop upon the path to Bell Rock, so that I may breathe more deeply and receive. I stopped because I felt the energy first. I did not see this beautiful guardian til I had already connected and felt the love.

This detailed face is an incredible blessing. One that reminds me of how infinite and wondrous this world can be. All is alive, at depths that we have only begun to recognize. 

Many different Earth Guardians appeared before us during our sacred retreat. This is the tale of only one.

In this video, you’ll be part of a LIVE channeling, from the guardians. Imagine that you are participating in the experience personally. These guardians use me as a channel to reach you!!! You are precious to them. Sense that the healing Light they share, is touching you now. It is all happening FOR YOU in perfect time. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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