Expanding Consciousness

ReProgramming Beliefs via Facebook Live

Are you ready to live an empowered and inspired life??  Our current reality is a reflection of all we hold to be true!! Even the challenges and difficulties that we experience are a consequence of the limited beliefs and assumptions we accept as true.  If we believe that life is hard and we must earn… Continue reading ReProgramming Beliefs via Facebook Live

Sacred Retreats and Events

11:11 Sedona Retreat

Join Alania in SEDONA for this epic 11:11 adventure into Soul Awakening!! Opening the gateways of transformation, within and throughout, we will powerfully step into a greater understanding of Self and Source. Uniting the two, to merge in perfect harmony. When most recently in Sedona, masterful elders and guardians of this earth worked with Alania… Continue reading 11:11 Sedona Retreat