Mystical Musings

What Love Is ♥

Love does not conform or mold to fit any preconceived beliefs that can be. It doesn’t Love “in spite of”, and it doesn’t make allowances or set unjust expectations. It simply is, genuine and pure. It is the Spark of God-Light manifest. It is the Gift of LIFE in sweet motion. It is the Wonder of BLISS embodied!!

Forever-flowing and expanding into all that is and can be, Love is the way.

As we allow ourSelves to become the vessel, the channel, and the beacon of LOVE upon this earth, we become the SACRED ONES who welcome Heaven to Earth. Are you ready to bring change, and to inspire PEACE on this earth plane??

Allow yourSelf to Love beyond measure, to BE Loved without fear, to TEACH Love without judgment, and to SEE Love leading the way.

In truth, every seed of Love we plant today, shall continue to flow and grow in incomprehensible form. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2015

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