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“The” World vs. “Our” World

There’s a difference.

We often allow ourSelves to become confined, defined, and shaped by the world that appears so constant and inflexible in our lives. But, that impersonal world of infinite potential can only affect our lives when we give it power and validation.

It’s true.

Until we choose to make that world our own, it just exists. As potential and opportunity, it just exists. It can only become part of our personal world, when we choose to dance with it. 

I awoke a few days ago, with a clear inspiration in my awareness.

There is a difference between “the” world and “our” world. 

One world contains a full spectrum of choice and possibility. It’s a venue for us to draw upon. But it does not define us. It remains as pure potential, in an existential way.

The other shapes our personal experience, perception, and reality. It is formed only by that which we choose to welcome into our current awareness. It is flexible and morphable, in that it continuously shifts to mirror our current truth.

This implies that “our” world is continuously changing!!!! It is not governed or bound to any outside force. It is a clear reflection of our CURRENT point of view. As our thoughts, intentions, and desires shift, so does “our” world. 

We are the creators!!

And to be as crystally-clear as can be, I must also point out that today is a NEW day. We can make completely different choices than we made yesterday, and “our” world will shift all to reflect our new path.

“Our” world is shaped by our CURRENT viewpoints.  So be brave. Be wild. Be bold, in your endeavors. See YOUR WORLD as the world of your own choice and making. 

All potential will still exist outwardly, to inspire and support others in their perfectly unique and independent experience. But you will be surrounded by ALL that resonates with your own heart’s truth.

Be free!!! It is, after all, your inherent state of BEing. 

All else is illusion.

In truth, you are already the master of all you see.

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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