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Multi-Faceted Selves

Imagine yourSelf as a brilliant multi-faceted prism. Imagine that each unique point upon this prism, grants You a varying viewpoint of BEing and expressing yourSelf authentically.

No single facet, within the whole, represents greater value, purpose, or truth. Each facet serves as a unique lens to honor particular points of your true essence. They all serve to give voice and attention to pristinely unique parts of You, in perfect time and place.

How inspiring this concept is; Knowing that we can explore a full range of expression and momentary identity, without becoming lost and consumed in any one reflection of truth.

This would allow us to experience love in one moment, and insecurity in another, without believing that we are denying any part of ourSelf by shifting perception for a purposeful moment. Both facets of radiant BEing represent varying aspects of our true essence.

The true beauty of this higher understanding is, that if all judgment fades away, we can make conscious choices to SHIFT OUR AWARENESS with ease and grace. 

All emotions and perceptions are authentic, and of purpose. But they express themselves through varying lenses of reality and BEing. We can authentically move backward and forward from identifying with love and insecurity. But we cannot hold both in intimate awareness until we detach from either having a particular meaning.

Let me clarify. I can truly focus on loving all life in this exact moment. I can allow this love to fill me and lift my awareness to sacred heights. But I cannot hold onto this ‘love’ and all that it symbolizes in my life, if I shift my thought to “insecurity”. 

The concept of insecurity evokes a completely separate set of truths and emotions, which appear to be in contrast to the love that I know.

We can move back and forth between the two concepts (perceptions of reality) almost instantaneously. We’ve become quite masterful at this spiraling dance over the ages. But truly, if we don’t begin to recognize that both perceptions of reality are just a choice, we will feel out of control as we shift awareness naturally.

We believe that we act in response to that which flows through our awareness, but our awareness gives voice to that which we wish to see and know. All of our multi-faceted aspects of Self seek to be expressed, in moments of alignment and resonance. 

For example, if it begins to rain heavily on a day that we’ve been regarding as special and sacred, we may begin to align with feelings of victimhood and lack. Those feelings could only emerge if we identify with that lens of truth within. If we have a given set of beliefs that accompany that momentary perception, then all of those beliefs are given space to express themselves.

As our understanding of victimhood and lack evolves, so does our response to it. We can still resonate for a moment, but we won’t become tethered to all of the assumptions we connect it to. There will just be a healthy moment of resonance, to give reflection to the abundance and prosperity that we surely know in other moments.

We have control over every multi-faceted aspect of our magnificent WHOLE-ness. It’s all purposeful, precious, and pristine, when we release attachment and assumption.

I’ve been noticing my own awareness spiraling to and fro, bouncing between the old perceptions of reality and the new. And I am becoming quite masterful at confidently knowing “This doesn’t define me. It is only a moment of authentic expression.”

This mantra assists me in removing power from the emotions or circumstances. It honors them, but reminds me that all will shift in the exact moment that I am ready for it to shift. Shift my lens of reflection, and it all shifts!! I am always the one in control of my experience and reality.

Even today, I consider which facets of Me do I wish to embrace. I choose to SEE through the lens of love, compassion, and peace. For mySelf, and for all I meet. May I trust in this reality as my chosen path and privileged right.

All contrast will serve to give sweet reflection to other bright and beautiful aspects of Me, without distracting me from the path I passionately choose. 

Without judgment or expectation, I choose love. ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2017


2 thoughts on “Multi-Faceted Selves”

  1. I love this, Alania! This intricately blessed article defines and delves deeper into a subject I have been working on for about two years. Your use of the word “facet” aligns sweetly to the word “fractal” that my “sister-on-the-other-side” gave me during my hypnosis session with Patricia McGivern. Here, you provide a breadth of explanation though, along with a prime example, which had not yet flowed to me. I will ponder and “sit with” this additional information too! Hugs!! Much love! And Happy New Year! ❤️🦋🌀🎉😘

    1. Yayyy!!! I love to see all of the puzzle pieces coming together!! 😂 Think of me if you have more curiosities to ponder about this. I have much more understanding to share. Love you!! ⭐️🎉☮️ Happy New Year!!

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