Affirmations and Invocations

A Christmas Morning Prayer

Let the veils lift, that this may become Heaven on Earth.

Let there be a FREE-ing of our minds, that we focus not upon the discord and disharmony, but upon the awe-inspiring wonder and divine grace that eternally is.

It can be found everywhere. In the hope that we embrace, in the love that we share, and the presence of simply BEing all that we most genuinely are. 

Let us honor the Divine Spark within, that it may grow and expand. May it awaken a state of clear-sighted reMembrance, in every sacred and profound way.

Let Truth be the scepter with which all illusion clears, giving way to the emPowered path that lies ahead. 

Today is a new day.
It is a new dawn.

Let us take these new steps in faithful BEing. Let us celebrate the extraordinary brilliance that we already are. 

Perfect and pure.

In gratitude and joy…

I accept.
I receive.

This is the prayer that Jesus silently held for us. This is the prayer of each sacred teacher, throughout all realms of BEing.

Let us FREE OURSELVES from the shadows and illusions that allow us to feel so bound and restricted. It is time to AWAKEN the greatest of all truths. 

The brilliance we wish to know, already lives within!!

We must be the ones who give it space to grow and expand. We must be the ones to give it voice and expression.

Trust yourSelf to ILLUMINATE the golden path that awaits. 

It is your inheritance. It is your privileged right.

Choose LOVE upon this sacred day. ♥

Bright Christmas Blessings to each of you, my friends!! You are so loved. 

© Alania Starhawk 2017

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