Expanding Consciousness

“Who Am I??”

The questioning begins – more deeply than I have ever known.  

Perceptions of “Me” flitting through my mind-space,  enticing me to be at peace with only one beautiful aspect of mySelf or another. 

It does not seem to be enough.

In this sacred moment of supernal Being, it does not seem to be enough.

My heart reaches further and further, to see beyond the beyond. But it returns here, to this perfectly imperfect state of authentic being.  

No filters of grandeur distract my awareness. I see all as it crudely is – and I watch as all my self-imposed perceptions of “not quite”, “not yet”, and “not enough” begin to shatter and dissipate.  

Is this the story of my authentic Self??  

Must there be a shattering of all I’ve once known, to truly comprehend the Greatness that is??  

Is this the dissolution of all I hold dear??  

I remember what it feels like to fall from Grace; to be without direction in a world that is foreign and misunderstood.  

Could this be the Ascension I have been waiting for?? The lifting of all conscious veils – bringing me home to Self and Source??  

My world feels no different. All is in its ordinary place. It is only “I” who now awaken to new sight this morn.  

Could it have been this easy??  

Was the rising of my own Soul – out of challenge, fear, and insecurity – always within my own Graceful embrace??  

Today I see.  

Today I understand.  

The dissolution of Self melts every bind that had once been.  

I am.  

I am.  

I am.  

It is a statement of ineffable Truth, not a question that can be defined.  

The bliss I seek can only be found within the totality of my extraordinary nature.  

I am all things, seen and unseen.  

I am.  

4 thoughts on ““Who Am I??””

    1. I was deep in the woods this morning when it all unveiled itself. I thought of you directly afterward, while walking back to the car. Clearly, our souls are much more connected than we can fathom. 🤩 I love you!!

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