Channeled Messages

A Prophecy of Awakening

Out of the darkness and into the Light

shall come the one who felt lost and alone.

She shall recognize her truth

and reclaim her extraordinary right

to BE LIGHT full and through.

In a breath soon to come

all old ways will shift and shatter

making room for the new.

And then, from the depths will come

a greater force and source of Love

than she has ever known.

This is the culmination

of a Soul’s tale and journey.

Through the questioning planes of existence

to the realm of PURE THOUGHT and creation

the Time has come to honor her Radiant Truth!

Greater than you can imagine

this precious Soul will SHINE

awakening the memory of all

who are also ready to Remember.

For acceptance of SELF leads

to acceptance of Greater Truth.

The “I” we speak of in “I AM” will grow.

The “I” we speak of

is the ONE HEART of Love.

Stand strong, Dear One. 

Choose Love.

~ Divine Spirit
as channeled by Alania Starhawk

© Alania Starhawk 2014


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