“Writing” for Soul Discovery and Creative Expression

I didn't always write. In fact, I went out of my way to avoid writing, even though people often told me that I had a gift for writing.

What did that mean? I couldn't see, yet, that I had a way of infusing power and visualization into each inspired sentiment I chose to write. I couldn't see, yet, that writing gave voice to the passionate spirit that lived deep within myself.

I was still far too logical about the world that I was a part of. I couldn't see, yet, that writing would FREE ME from all that felt so confining.

Yes! I had to discover that WRITING isn't really about rules, regulations, and expectations.


It leads me into the depths of my own hidden sanctums.

Let me explain.

I didn't start to write, officially, because someone encouraged me to. I didn't start to write because I knew what I was doing, or even what I was opening myself up to.

I only started to write, nearly 20 years ago, because my mind was bursting with questions and frustrations that overwhelmed me. They were monopolizing my thoughts and confusing me! I needed a place to sort them out.

The empty pages of a new journal enabled me to cathartically release all that I was ready to let go of. And I'm not suggesting that it was a pretty experience! That first journal is now filled with tear-stained pages, wildly erratic handwriting, and the occasional damage that takes place when you stab a page with your pen, repeatedly, to emphasize the meaningful use of an exclamation point.

At that point, writing was merely an outlet for a lifetime's frustrations—but it became so much more.

Each time I sat down to emotionally purge all that I was ready to release, I opened to the beautiful thoughts and revelations that compassionately arise once all the clearing is complete.

Something was happening to expand my vision and sight.

Writing was giving space for intuitive thoughts and insights to effortlessly present themselves!

Without realizing it, I discovered a clear and direct connection to my heart, my spirit, my soul, my  source, my everything.

From that point, writing became an adventure.

l've since filled dozens of journals, written hundreds of blog posts, and published my first (of many) books. But I never knew what phenomenal concepts or revealing truths would express themselves moments before they actually did.

The "flow" that amazes every brave and unadulterated writer isn't something that can be (or should be) controlled.

It's an adventure that should be enjoyed.

Writing, for a true writer, isn't really about the end result. It's about the process, the passion, the exploration, and the discovery.

Through the written word, we expand ourselves.

And THAT is the gift.

To be an indie writer, author, or storyteller, you only need to tell YOUR TRUTH in written form. In fact, since it's your story, told your way, you can even make up your own words if you'd like.

There are no rules!

I've known this on a personal level. I can be silly, raw, and outlandish on the journal pages that are meant for my eyes only. But I'm learning to accept this (the fact that there are no rules) in my "professional" writing too.

I mean, really. Just now! I'm finally understanding that no other can possibly critique the VOICE of my heart, my spirit, my soul, my source, my everything.


Spirit recently asked me, "Do you want writing to be your hobby (something you enjoy in your spare time), or do you want to accept that you really are a writer!?"

It seems like a small distinction to one who doesn't really "write" as a creative outlet. But to one who really does WANT TO WRITE with passion and purpose, it's a comical prompt from the universe!!

They're right! Why do I see writing as a luxury for those with time to spare? Especially when writing has gifted my life in such immense ways.

I'm making a change.

I'm accepting that I LOVE TO WRITE—and that I have so much (so so much) to say.

For the next six weeks, I'm making writing a priority in my life. Every day! I'll write for work, for pleasure, for you, for me, for all humanity.


If any of my story inspires you, I welcome you to join me for a phenomenal program that I'm designing. An opportunity to explore your own UNIQUE WRITING VOICE in a creative way!

This one-of-a-kind 21 Day program starts September 5th. Stay tuned for details.

But for today......



Express yourself as only you can.


© Alania Starhawk 2020

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