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A Prayer To Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael — BE WITH ME!!

Stand Here STRONG and Remind Me of the Strength I AM — of the Beauty I
AM — and the Love That Always Surrounds Me!!

Let My Every Breath Be BLESSED — and My Every Step Be Guided!!
For I Choose LIGHT In This World.    And I CHOOSE To Be A Beacon of
Compassionate LOVE!!

Work With Me — Guide Me — Protect Me — and Love Me!!

I Am Open To Receive Every Blessings and INSPIRATION You Wish To Share!!

I Am Ready To Celebrate The Beautiful WONDER That Can Be.

In Ever-Expanding Gratitude — Today and All Days  — THANK YOU!!! ♥

Archangel Michael has been a Guardian Angel, a Master Teacher, a Wise Counselor, a Warrior in Light, a Healing Support, and a Beautiful Friend to me and my family!!    He has brought incredible MIRACLES into our lives…and kept us fully safe, inspired, and at peace in all moments.    I encourage all to welcome him into YOUR lives too!!    For the healing comfort and loving strength will surely be felt!!

This prayer that I share with you today was channeled and created for a beautiful and loving family in Canada!!    They have given me permission to share it with you now…in hopes that you will also be blessed by the GIFT of Archangel Michael in your life!! ♥

For any and all experiences… Archangel Michael brings strength, wisdom, and truth!!     If you are looking to remember the intrinsic POWER that you naturally hold withIN….call him in to assist!!    For he will remind you that YOUR SACRED HEART shines with the same brilliance as his mighty sword!!    For your Ancient SOUL carries the wisdom of all ages!!    And…in all moments…YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY!!!

Ahhhhhhhh….how blessed we ARE to have his loving support!!

I Love YOU Archangel Michael!!   You are an intricate part of my heart and soul!!

In JOY and Ever-Expanding Wonder,


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      1. Hallelujah 🙂 We are all ONE in the Beauty of the Spirit 🙂 isn’t it marvelous!

        Thank YOU Alania 🙂 Thank YOU!

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