Shadows Illuminated


After a very long night of dream teaching, where every dream expands upon a single point of conscious enlightenment, I hear these words echoing throughout my BEing:

All shadowed expressions of Truth, yearn to be touched by the Light of acceptance. All darkness awaits illumination, at some point of innocent BEing.

As far back as I can recall, into my childhood, I’ve been battling all sorts of epic injustice in my dreams. I’ve been saving the world from every thought-controlling, manipulative, and cruel faction, dictator, monster, and demon.

It’s true. Quite regularly.

But, in all of my desires to destroy the over-powering foe, I never did ‘battle’ with any more than my Light and the power of Thought as a weapon or tool.

By learning to hold my own force of POWER within, I was able to neutralize every invincible perception of overwhelming injustice. I was able to effortless shift the experience with my mind, to stream beams of Light through my eyes, palms, and heart, and to rise in graceful flight, as need be. 

All of this is a norm for me. But I believe that it has taught me to not fear the shadows and the darkness of this world. I have been in training, my whole life, to look through the illusion, to bring power, Light, and higher awareness to all that is shadowed and imbalanced. It’s what I do.

Last night’s dreams were different. 

All of the shadowed voices, parasitic energies, and manipulative forces were emerging through my own self, and every beautiful soul around me. There was a gentleness to their dark energy. It carried the message, “Free me!!”.

Continuously, throughout the night, that which we perceive as beautiful was touched by the shadows and dark, simply because the shadows and dark wished to be touched by the Light. 

Every time focus was placed on freedom and illumination, the shadows and dark transmuted back into the All.

Simply said, if we deny the shadows and the dark a voice (in healthy ways), they hold onto the belief that they are separate and in contradiction to the infinite All. But if we find a way to honor their own Light, of innocent yearning to be whole again, all contradiction fades and balance is restored. 

We have known fear, when faced with the shadowed forces in this world. But the fear comes from believing that we will lose ourSelves to their influence. What if their influence is actually fed by the fear we embrace, and by denying them, we empower them??

In many of my past dreams, I participated in the battle to ‘save’ all that was good. I held onto the perceptions that I, and every other beautiful soul, needed to remain untouched by the darkness of this world. But this morning, I see it differently.

What if the ‘darkness’ lies perpetually in potential within, bringing balance to our complete nature. And only our drive to battle, subdue, and overpower those aspects of our Self (on a personal and a global scale) are what keeps it all so fervently imbalanced.

At a fundamental level, all expressions of shadow and dark wish to be illuminated!! They wish to return Home, to oneness and acceptance. 

So how can we bring illumination, without participating in the drama that unfolds??

Light!! We embody the Light, that disregards all ‘appearance’ as the source of truth. We go within. We go deep. We speak to the innocence and the Light in every cantankerous, rebellious, stink-faced, cruel, and manipulative force that can be. Beneath all that loud and attention-seeking demeanor, is the desire to be illuminated by our touch and embrace. 

Speak to the soul. Be at peace. Let go of the belief that we must battle each other on the surface. At the purest levels, we are the same Light seeking to be enLightened and Free. 

On a personal note, as I rise to greater heights of consciousness, I sometimes believe that I reach beyond all of the shadowed thoughts and perceptions. But it is that exact thought that will limit my own soul’s expansion!! All voices of truth bring shape to my whole truth.

From within my own source, all shadowed beliefs will continue to rise for illumination and acceptance. If I honor these thoughts as beautiful, they become healed. If I deny these thoughts, and seek to hide them away, they will remain separate and imbalanced.

Self-love is the key!!

All of those outward forces of aggression in my dreams, were simply because I wasn’t able to accept them as personal, yet. All that I was battling, was mySelf. In all ways.

Contemplate upon this now. Are you brave enough to LOVE even the shadowed aspects of your Self, your family, your community?? The injustice is perception. All can be healed, with a sacred Home-coming of the heart.

© Alania Starhawk 2018

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